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The High Pressure Hallmark of quality means:
  • 200bar + high pressure thermo pressed doors.
  • Doors are sprayed with two part glue (glue + catalyst) to give you 120℃ heat resistance
  • Sharper pattern detail.
  • Good water resistance.
High Pressure Technical Specs
  • Deep router board utilised.
  • Foils are UV resistant with Colour Fastners in the foil.
  • Foils are between .3mm and .5mm thickness depending on colour.
  • Wood grain matching.
  • Glass frames available for all colours.
  • Matching lattice doors for all colours.
  • Wall, floor and microwave units available in single and double faced colours.
  • Standard mouldings available for Light Shields and Scotia’s.
  • Maximum size of door/panel that is able to be pressed is 2,750mm x 1,220mm.
  • All doors/panels are processed on Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines that ensure 100% squareness and consistency in profile depth.
  • Custom profiles & patterns are available on request.
Advantages of High Pressure Doors
  • 70 plain and wood effect colours to choose from.
  • Doors will compliment any décor, style and taste.
  • High Pressure doors are exceptionally durable and wear well in the domestic market.
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean. Wipe down with a damp cloth and non abrasive liquid soap.
  • Colours are more consistent than veneer and sprayed doors.
  • Standard and non-standard sizes are available..

Standard Wrap Doors
  • 16mm thickness board.
  • 5 outside profiles.
  • 21 internal patterns.
  • A choice of 70 plain and wood effect colours with various surface finishes.

High Gloss Doors
  • .5mm thickness foil.
  • 16mm deep router medium density fibre board.
  • Three outside profiles available in Standard, Bevel, and 3mm radius
  • Light Shields/Scotia’s only available in Standard, Bevel, 1/2/3mm Radius
  • All gloss doors are supplied with a protective overlay that is removed after installation.

Euro Square Doors
  • 16mm substrate deep router medium density fibre board.
  • 4 inner patterns available.
  • Internal corners have a 45˚ angle detail.
  • Minimum draw front/door size is 170x170mm for an internal pattern.

Shaker Doors
  • Door thickness is 19mm (16mm substrate + 3mm frame).
  • Ideally suited to country and cottage style designs.
  • Outside profiles available - Standard and 3mm Radius.
  • Limited range of internal grooves.
  • No internal pattern possible on draw/door which is less than 165mm in length or width.

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